Welcome to finger lime pie

Welcome to deconstructed finger lime pie.  This site is a resource where the obscurities and deliciousness of art are deconstructed and discussed in reference to the KLA’s and outcomes of the K-6 Creative Arts Syllabus and 7-10 Creative Arts Syllabus, as part of the Board of Studies N.S.W curriculum. (And then it will do the same for the new, yet to be implemented, still in draft form Australian Curriculum: The Arts, Foundation to Year 10).  Acting as a resource to bring contemporary culture, that is readily and locally available, into the learning arena.  There is a focus on the emerging and artist led (ARI) culture, all wrapped up with a distinctive Australian flavour.

To get us started here is a video, of the excellent Vincent Price, talking about how to sell art in a training video from 1962.

Vincent Price is known for his movies, although he studied art history and English at Yale.  Price even taught art for a year after graduating, and authored a number of books on art, including:  I Like What I Know: A Visual Autobiography (1959), and The Vincent Price Treasury of American Art (1972).  In the 1960s Price partnered with the USA shopping giant, Sears, and developed the Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art, a program to champion art collecting for the everyman.  Bringing fine art into a shopping centre, with a guarantee of authenticity from Price and Sears, any and everyone had the opportunity to buy and collect art.  The program was a huge success and continued for a number of years in different cities in the USA, including the establishment of the Vincent Price Gallery of Fine Art in Chicago. This video is an excellent example of attempting to deconstruct the difficulties of talking about art with a new audience.  Enjoy!